Tree Of Life Etched Ring

BR34 Boru
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Tree Of Life Etched Ring - Comfort Fit - Two widths

  • Narrow: 5 - 5.2mm Wide

  • Wide: 7 - 7.2mm Wide

  • Available in 10ct/14ct white & yellow gold & Silver

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Tree Of Life Etched Ring

This is a unisex 'comfort fit' band meaning the inside of the band is domed for a more comfortable wear.  Available intwo band widths.

Trees were an important part of Celtic beliefs and culture. The Celts always left a single large tree growing in the center of every field, the space under its branches becoming a meeting place for chieftains. They symbolised knowledge, the continuity of life, where we came from and our journey through life.

The band on this ring has an etched and oxidised branch pattern.

The following words weave around the branch: Devotion, Trust, Pride, Live, Love, Friendship, Joy, Hope, Forgiveness, Courage, Sorrow, Passion, Faith, Acceptance, Regret, Life.