Town Talk Exquisite Silver Sparkle Jewelry Cleaner - 7.5oz

Town Talk Exquisite Silver Sparkle Jewelry Cleaner - 7.5oz

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For over a hundred years now Town Talk has been creating high quality polishes and cleaners that bring a radiant sparkle to precious metals, rare stones and fine jewelry. They're proud to be a truly English company, producing their exclusive products from their traditional base in North West England, where they are continually investing for the future. Town Talk believe their customers are people of taste who appreciate superior quality, fine style and exceptional service; people who care for their treasured possessions – as they do – in an environmentally conscious way.

Nobody knows better than Mr. Town Talk. Since 1895, Mr. Town Talk's remarkable collection of cleaners and polishes has, quite simply, had no equal. Made from the very finest materials available, each one has been specifically formulated to keep your prized possessions looking as good as new forever!

The Sparkling Silver Jewelry Cleaner is very easy to use. Simply place each item in the dipping basket, leave it for two minutes – or a little longer, if necessary – then rinse it in running water. For absolutely excellent results, it recommend drying and polishing your silver with the included silver polishing cloth.


  • This excellent silver jewelry cleaner will revive the sparkle

  • Specially designed for cleaning small silver articles

  • Includes: jewelry cleaner with dipping basket, cleaning brush & Silver polishing cloth