Techmade Ear Buds - TM-HP020-WH

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Take the earphones out of their charging box and connect them to your smartphone or any device equipped with bluetooth, to enjoy its performance!

Techbuds, wireless earphones

Connect them easily and quickly to your device thanks to their technology and enjoy audio without problems!

Comfortable and elegant

Thanks to their design, the TM-HP020 techbuds will be comfortable to wear. The shape gives these earphones an elegant appearance, thanks to the arm that descends from the ear insert.

Small size

Thanks to their small size, they are easy to take with you! They don't add unnecessary clutter to your things and, thanks to their case (charging base), it will be difficult for you to lose them.

One-step reconnection

Just take the earphones out of the charging case and they will automatically connect to your device (after the first pairing)

Speaker 13*3.4mm 16Ω
Sensitivity 112±3db
Frequency response 20HZ-20KHZ
BT Version V5.1
Charge 5V DC 1A
Input Load 5V
Power 3mW
Maximum Power 5MW
Operating Distance 10M
Earphone battery 40mAh x 2 Li-polymer
Power bank battery 300mAh Li-polymer
Earphone dimensions 42*12*18mm
Power Bank dimensions 58*50*28mm
Headphone Weight 5.0 g