St Lucy Medal (Eyes, Sales People)*

St Lucy Medal (Eyes, Sales People)*

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Sterling silver medal of Saint Lucy who is the patron Saint for eyes or vision.  

Also available in 9ct yellow gold

This pendant which can be worn on a chain as a necklace or stored as a keepsake in a wallet is approximately 20mm tall and can be personalized with a short personal note, name or date.

This medal comes in a prayer card to Saint Lucy:

O beautiful Saint Lucy

your selfless witness radiates the

light of the Gospel.

By the lamp of faith which God

bestowed upon you, infuse and

increase this divine light in me so that

I may avoid all evil and be zealous in

virtue and shun the blindness

and darkness of evil and sin.

O pure St Lucy, through your powerful

intercession with our Lord, pray that I may

obtain the grace to use the gift of my

eyesight and the vision of faith

for God's greater honour and glory.