18ct Yellow Gold 1 Carat Oval Solitaire Lab Diamond Engagement ring

10157YP/100 Lab Coro
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Stunning one carat Oval cut diamonds solitaire engagement ring set in 4 claw setting.  

Shank is 18ct yellow gold with a platinum setting.  But  can be ordered in a selection of other metals and colours.  This ring can be made with larger or smaller diamond on request.

Diamond: Oval One carat certified lab grown diamond

Colour: F

Clarity: VS1

Lab Grown Diamond Information

Our unique range of lab-grown diamonds are expertly cultivated in laboratories. The process replicates nature’s billion-year long forces, to grow a truly exceptional diamond.

Are Lab grown diamonds real?  Simply, yes. They are optically, physically and chemically identical to an earth grown diamond. Like their earth-grown counterpart, lab-grown diamonds are graded using the the 4 C’s. Clarity, Cut, Colour and Carat.

Each lab grown diamond has its own unique origin certificate and is fully certified, detailing the type and grading of your precious diamond. Whilst earth grown diamonds are truly a miracle of nature, it is with innovative engineering that allows us to bring you the 5th C - Choice.