Filigree Two Tone Celtic Band

WED95 - WED98 Boru
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Ladies & Gents Two Tone Filigree Celtic Wedding Band

Available in 10ct & 14ct & Silver Centre.

***Please call or email for all enquiries***

Ladies: 8.2mm wide approx

Gents: 9.3mm wide approx


Celtic Knots have been found on ancient art on every continent, usually depicting the Sun.The Celts coming to Ireland would find spirals at Newgrange, carved into stone by Irish farmers, depicting the four journeys of the Sun around the Earth.

This Celtic knot pattern is simple and elegant and runs the entire circumference of the band. The interlaced Celtic Knot pattern on this ring represents two paths crossing and intertwining continuously and forever. There is no beginning, no end and two strands move together to create beauty and harmony.