Closed Knot Celtic Band

WED85 - WED88 boru
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Ladies & Gents Matching Set

Closed Knot Celit Wedding Band

Available in 10ct & 14ct two tone and Silver centre with 10ct yellow trim

Ladies: 7.5mm - Gents: 9.2mm

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Closed Knot Celtic Band

This authentic Irish wedding ring is available in a variety of widths and in a combination of precious metals. Be Inspired!

Celtic Knot Spirals have been found on ancient art on every continent, usually depicting the Sun. The Celts coming to Ireland found spirals at Newgrange, carved into stone by Irish farmers, depicting the four journeys of the Sun around the Earth. These are thought to represent fertility, rebirth, and continuity.

closed knot band is a lovely example of knot work as it winds its way around the band signifying the traditional meaning of forever and always.