Claddagh Set

SW4 Shanore
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 Claddagh Set


Precious Gem

The pearl is one of the world's oldest and most precious gems, adorning jewelry for thousands of years. Representing purity, generosity and innocence, pearls are often gifted to brides and others to symbolize pure love. Pearls also symbolize the ability to rise above tough situations, as an oyster turns grains of sand into a lustrous gem. It pairs perfectly with the traditional Celtic Claddagh symbol, which contain the important parts of relationships that are made to within the strokes of time: hands representing friendship, a heart that stands for love, and a crown, which symbolizes loyalty.

Classic Elegance

As a gift for your new bride, or in celebration of your anniversary, the timeless design of this bracelet will make it a favorite of hers for years to come. The classic styling pairs well with sophisticated work wear, and can instantly dress up her little black dress for an evening out.