Celtic Trinity Knot 14K White/Yellow Gold

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Product Code: BR3

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Material 14K Yellow Gold
Weight 3.6 grams
Width 3.5mm

Exquisitely crafted, this gold wedding band is embellished with a ring of Celtic Trinity Knots. The delicate traceries of detailed knots encircle the flawless band and are lined by a thin boarder of raised gold. Beautifully detailed, this ring unites Celtic tradition with the modern wedding ring. This ring is also available in white gold.

The Celtic Knot is a traditional symbol of the three essential qualities of an enduring marriage: love, protection and honour. The everlasting circle of the wedding band represents an enduring love, and when combined with this Celtic symbol, presents the perfect representation of marriage. Bound by the power of the Celtic Trinity Knot, this wedding band is the perfect permanent expression of a relationship founded on honour, love and friendship.

The Trinity Knot is an ancient symbol of the strength found in love, and there is no better representation of this strength than marriage. For those who are religious, it represents the unification of Man, Woman and God in a holy matrimony. For others, it’s a reminder of the promise of protection and the harmony of love and friendship.

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Celtic Trinity Knot 14K White/Yellow Gold