Celtic Spriral Two Tone

WED115 - WED118 boru
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Ladies & Gents Celtic Spiral Two Tone Wedding Band


WED115 W/Y/W Coloured

WED117 Y/W/Y Coloured

6.7mm Wide


WED116 W/Y/W Coloured

WED118 Y/W/Y Coloured

7.9mm Wide

Available in 10ct / 14ct Variation of colours & Silver centre with 10ct y/g trim

Please call or email for all enquiries


This modern representation of a continuous Celtic spiral winds its ways around the band of this ring and is bordered by a simple rope pattern.

The oldest symbols often associated with the Celts are spirals. Spirals appear in many forms in Celtic Art, but the earliest examples were carved on stone monuments such as Newgrange with is 5,000 years old, later they were found in decoration of Celtic Christian illuminated manuscripts such as The Book of Kells. There are many interpretations of the meaning behind the Celtic spiral; the union of male & female, eternity, continuity, rebirth and lifecycle, gender and offspring.