Celtic Precious Stone & Diamond Ring

ENG19 Boru
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  • ENG19-E-3
    0.35cts West African Emerald

  • ENG19-PS-3 
    0.37cts Thailand Pink Sapphire

  • ENG19-R-3 
    0.35 - 0.40cts Burma Ruby

  • ENG19-S-3 
    0.35 - 0.37cts Thailand Sapphire

    Stone Details: 

  • Conflict Free diamonds - 2 x 0.10cts.

  • Colour: H

  • Clarity: SI1

  • Cut: Round

    Matching wedding band available - image shown is with Pink Sapphire option

    Weight: 4.8gms approx.

    Width: Band 2.6mm at top approx.


Celtic Precious Stone & Diamond Ring


The Trinity Knot has been adopted from ancient Celtic art by Christianity as a symbol of the Holy Trinity; Father, Son & Holy Spirit. To the Celts the number three was considered lucky and was associated with many things; mind, body, spirit; earth, sea and sky and beginning, middle and end - continuity. The Trinity Knot represents the belief in the number three and the intertwining the continuity of all things. The Trinity Knot is the most well known and loved of all Celtic knots and in modern times has been given as a token of promise; to love, to honour and to protect.

This luxurious Irish designed  engagement ring meets today's fashion standards whilst still holding on to the best traditions of  classic taste. Choose your main stone from Pink Sapphire, Ruby, Blue Sapphire or Emerald. It will sit at the top of the ring flanked by two 0.10ct diamonds and edged with the Trinity Knot symbol.

Emerald is known as the stone of inspiration of inspiration, patience, compassion and unconditional love and has been loved by the Irish for centuries. Diamonds are known as the king of gems, the colour of ice and a symbol of wealth and abundance. The stone of light, love, fidelity, strength and faithfulness.

In this Celtic engagement ring the main stone sits the top of the mount and is flanked by two 0.10ct diamonds and edged with the Trinity Knot symbol.

We also make this stone in a number of choices - choose your main stone from Emerald, Pink Sapphire, Ruby or Blue Sapphire.
Don't know which stone to choose? Here's some help -

Pink Sapphire - the stone of protection, good luck, power and strength.
Ruby - The stone of the nobility, queen of stones and stone of kings, prosperity, passion, protection and peace.
Blue Sapphire - The stone of wisdom, royalty, hope, faith, good fortune and spiritual insight.
Emerald - The stone of inspiration, patience, compassion and unconditional love.