Blue Cork and Black Recycled Leather Bracelet with Stainless Steel Bar Fred Bennett

B5374 Fred Bennett
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Part of the new spring supplement collection and in a material brand new to Fred Bennett, this bracelet is crafted from dyed blue cork and black recycled leather. This item is sure to compliment any style choice. With a total length of 22.5cm and featuring a stainless steel double push button clasp, this piece is perfect for those who are mindful of the sustainability of what they buy and wear. Why not create the perfect gift and personalise your bracelet on the stainless steel bar with text or handwriting using our free engraving service!

New Packaging

Each style from this collection also comes with a storage pouch which is made from 100% recycled materials.


Please Note

All engraving orders placed via the website will be engraved using our laser engraving service. For diamond tip engraving please get in touch.

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