Belleek Classic Love Knot Cross Edition Piece 2020

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‘Love Knot Cross’

Belleek Classic Handcrafted Edition Piece 2020

Belleek designer Clare Conway has created this Handcrafted Irish Love Knot Cross as an extension to Claire Rowe's previous 2019 Edition Piece, the Love Knot Trinket Box. The Love Knot Cross represents eternity - the featured knot has no start or finish and is symbolic of loyalty, faith, friendship and love. They generally consist of two interlocking knots made with parallel cords.

The Love Knot Cross is a classic yet simplistic design and is decorated with the iconic hand painted Belleek shamrock. One side features the Love Knot motif consisting of two interlocking hearts and the other side is decorated with subtle Celtic banding. The Love Knot Cross includes an exclusive back stamp and the signature of the designer.

The piece will only be available during 2020.

  • Belleek Classic Edition Piece 2020
  • Made in Ireland
  • Handcrafted and Hand Painted in the Belleek Pottery Factory, Ireland.
  • Measures 20cm x 10cm